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We partner with you to bring fresh perspectives and possibilities to life  

How can we support and empower you?


We don't take a cookie-cutter approach: we offer a free discovery call to understand your situation and co-create with you a coaching programme that suits your needs.


We will work with you to: 


  • find clarity on situations or key decisions

  • gain courage and confidence to tackle obstacles and step into new possibilities

  • grow key capabilities needed for effective ways of moving forward

Our aim is for you to have greater capacity after coaching to face new challenges as they arise. 


What can you expect from our approach to coaching?


We take a holistic approach such that whatever the issue you bring,  we will explore together how it fits into the whole of your life. We coach people not problems and work in a multi-disciplinary way but the two main pillars of working together are conversations and exercises designed to increase your self-awareness plus experiments and practices designed to increase your capabilities


*Integrated Leadership Coaching


For leaders, in addition to one on one sessions with a lead coach, we can weave in additional support such as: 

  • specialist mentoring or coaching in specific domains eg philanthropy, ESG, scaling businesses, succession planning

  • 360 stakeholder interviews

  • observed team meetings 

  • experiential sessions

This allows you to work with coaches and mentors at depth in specific domains but integrate insights and actions across domains

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"Sue's 1-1 coaching was truly transformational; through listening, observing and bringing unique insights she helped me understand my blind spots and empowered me to make big shifts in my career and life."​

Helen, Senior Manager

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