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Team Coaching

We support teams to be better at teaming, develop as individuals and be more effective at navigating the wider eco-system

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How can we support you?

Our team coaching is aimed at:  


  • Building trust and reducing conflict within the team 

  • Aligning around common purpose and strategy

  • Fulfilling the mission of the team in the wider ecosystem

What can you expect from our approach to team coaching?

We use different tools and processes depending on the team needs and in addition to team coaching sessions can include:

  • Pulse taking questionnaires or stakeholder interviews

  • Observed team meetings

  • Individual coaching sessions for team members by an integrated team of coaches


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One of the greatest insights I received from Sue’s Leadership Coaching is the criticality of energy management in developing presence.
Sue acted like a navigation beacon in a period of transition between roles whilst at my last company.  She equipped me with the life-long gift of tapping into mindfulness to decode and deconstruct rationally my own self-perceived and imposed barriers for growth.

Jenn, Senior Manager

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