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About Us

Explore our story, principles and practices, founder, philosophy, and partners to gain a deeper understanding of our journey

Our Story

Our Story

Becoming a mother later in life,  Sue wanted to understand what allows people to develop creative lives and careers. By then (2006) she had been working with creatives for two decades in an ad agency, as a media and entertainment lawyer and finally as a regional leader in the TV industry.  


Her deep belief was that we are all inherently capable of creativity and that we become more  effective and fulfilled the more we are able to drink from our own creative wells.


So in 2006, she left her corporate career and started the first of many coach trainings and began coaching, mainly with clients wishing to recreate themselves in their career paths, just as she had done several times. 


As she grew her coaching practice, she looked for ways to integrate the different disciplines and approaches to human development that she was learning and by 2011 had become active in training and supervising other coaches.


In 2013 she founded Bamboo Being to build a learning and development practice and community to support others who wanted to develop breadth and depth in their coaching in what was still a young industry in Asia. 

Bamboo Being's approach is interdisciplinary and holistic not only in what we study and bring to clients but in how we work. We bring together the wisdom, care and skills of a community of trained coaches many of whom are bi-vocational and are themselves immersed in the same industries and worlds our clients are in.  

We work with leading global organisations in the public sector, B2B, and B2C industries. But at its heart, Bamboo Being is an H2H business: human-to-human.

Our Principles & Practices

To learn more about our Principles & Practices, Please click “Present”, and then click any of the circles to find out more about each Principle.

Our Principles and Practices
Our Founder

Our Founder

Bamboo Being is built upon Sue’s passion and track record for advising, managing and developing successful creative people and businesses to bring their best work to life. 


Prior to founding Bamboo Being in 2007, Sue spent two decades in the non-profit sector, dance and media. Her career as an Entertainment Lawyer eventually led to her moving from the UK to Singapore in 1997 to manage and then lead the Asian operations of a  multinational media business.


Sue read PPE at Oxford, qualified as a Solicitor in the UK and holds an MBA from INSEAD. 


Sue has certifications in Positive Organizational Psychology, Results Coaching, Integral Coaching, Coaching Supervision, Mediation and various modalities in personal and organizational development work.


She is also trained to teach Pilates and Yoga.


Sue is of both British and Singaporean Chinese descent and has lived, studied and worked in the UK, Canada, France and Hong Kong.

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Our Philosophy

On purpose and meaning:


We hear a lot these days about ‘finding our purpose’. What if it is something that we don't 'find' but that we weave from the strands of our experience that are meaningful to us?

How then might we approach working and living purposefully?

On 'sufficiency' vs 'growth'

As defined in the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), sufficiency is a set of measures and daily practices that avoid demand for energy, materials, land, and water while ensuring human well-being for all within planetary boundaries”.


How can we think differently about our lives and businesses by taking a 'sufficiency' approach?

Our Philosophy
Our Partners

Our Partners

Connection is why we are here. We are hard-wired to connect with others, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.​

Brene Brown
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