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Why Bamboo?

Bamboo has amazing properties. It is strong, flexible and improves the air, water and earth around it as it grows. When cut, it drives energy down to its strong root structure to grow back higher and stronger than before. 
Bamboo Being is about how, with support, stress can stimulate  regeneration and growth.

"I have particularly appreciated Sue's thoughtful application of a vast and varied range of modalities (somatic, cognitive, academic etc) to help me, which speaks both to her wide range of knowledge and depth of expertise in multiple fields, but also to her sensitivity and care in understanding me as an individual, and ability to tailor her help on the journey to my specific personality and situation."


Senior Manager


"One of the greatest insights I received from Sue’s Leadership Coaching is the criticality of energy management in developing presence.

Sue acted like a navigation beacon in a period of transition between roles whilst at my last company.  She equipped me with the life-long gift of tapping into mindfulness to decode and deconstruct rationally my own self-perceived and imposed barriers for growth."


Senior Manager

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Sue Adams

I believe that with the right support, the most stressful transitions in life are our best opportunities for growth.


When our world is in flux, we are challenged to get clearer about what we care about and more courageous in support of it. We get to lift our game. 

I called the company "Bamboo Being" as a metaphor for supporting individuals and teams to 'be like bamboo' bend not break in adversity and to develop the  qualities bamboo represents: flexibility, strength, grace, connection and sustainable growth. ​​

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