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Topic 10: Emotional Intelligence

How Emotions are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett

What if what you think you know about why you feel what you feel is wrong? Barrett offers a radical theory of constructed emotion overturning the two-thousand year old assumption that each emotion has a distinct 'fingerprint' and my sadness runs through my body in the same way as yours does through yours. Fascinating study with essential tips for 'sculpting' future emotional experiences.

Anxiety for Beginners: a personal investigation by Eleanor Morgan

Anxiety for Beginners offers a vivid insight into the often crippling impact of anxiety disorders, a condition that is frequently invisible, shrouded in shame and misunderstood. It serves as a guide for those who live with anxiety disorders and those who live with them by proxy

Finding Meaning, The Sixth Stage of Grief by David Kessler

Many people look for “closure” after a loss. Kessler argues that it’s finding meaning beyond the stages of grief most of us are familiar with—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance—that can transform grief into a more peaceful and hopeful experience.

Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson

In Hold Me Tight, Dr. Sue Johnson presents Emotionally Focused Therapy to the general public for the first time. Johnson teaches that the way to save and enrich a relationship is to reestablish safe emotional connection and preserve the attachment bond

Love and War in Intimate Relationships by Marion Soloman and Stan Tatkin

What happens between partners that makes love turn to war? How can couples therapists help de-escalate the battles? Two leading therapists apply the latest neuroscience research on emotional arousal to help couples regulate each other’s emotions, maintain secure attachment, and foster positive, enduring relationships

Freedom from Your Inner Critic by Jay Early & Bonnie Weiss

We've all heard the voice of the inner critic―that part of us that judges us, shames us, and makes us feel inadequate. "You don't want to give in to the Critic, and it doesn't really work to fight against it," explains Dr. Jay Earley. "But there is a way to transform it into an invaluable ally." With Freedom from Your Inner Critic, Dr. Earley and psychotherapist Bonnie Weiss present a self-therapy approach for uncovering the psychological roots of our self-sabotaging inner voices and restoring our sense of worthiness

A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, & Richard Lannon

This original and lucid account of the complexities of love and its essential role in human well-being draws on the latest scientific research. Three eminent psychiatrists tackle the difficult task of reconciling what artists and thinkers have known for thousands of years about the human heart with what has only recently been learned about the primitive functions of the human brain. (source:

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