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Second Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Hope you are safe and well in these extraordinary times.

The theme we are exploring this quarter is

how to be Radically Responsive to what is unfolding in our world.

To be radically responsive is to allow the crisis to provoke a deeper exploration of being human in order to generate better possibilities for this time of ongoing ecological crisis and climate emergency.

radical (adj)

late 14c., in a medieval philosophical sense, from Late Latin radicalis "of or having roots," from Latin radix (genitive radicis) "root" (from PIE root *wrād- "branch, root"). Meaning "going to the origin, essential" is from 1650s.

responsive (adj)

early 15c., "making answer," from Middle French responsif and directly from Late Latin responsivus "answering," from Latin respons-, past-participle stem of respondere

Check out the Bamboo Blog for posts on how we can coach ourselves through crisis to be radically responsive


What we are up to

We have launched the Bamboo Book Club.

This is a free, virtual event every month and open to those who want to come just for one session or all.

Each month we are reading books around a topic. For May it was the Wisdom of the Body

Upcoming topics are:

Emotional well-being

Sustaining Relationships

Understanding how we think

Responding to the world

Food for the soul

If you would like to join or know more about the format please contact

or book at Bamboo Events


Upcoming this quarter

Coaching for Development

Following the launch in Asia of Cohort 1 last year, we are offering the 6 month Coaching For Development coach training course online starting in July.

The course has been offered successfully by our learning partners, The Centre for Coaching, at University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business in South Africa for over 15 years and for the last four years in Geneva, Switzerland


Under the auspices of our joint learning partner, New Ventures West, San Francisco, the founders of Integral Coaching methodology, the course is recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest coach training accreditation body in the world. The course delivers 67 hours of ICF ​Approved Coach Specific Training hours (​ ACSTH) which satisfies the training requirements for the Associate Certified Coach credential of the ICF.

If you are interested in learning more about the course, please contact for more details


For enquiries about support for individuals, teams or organisations during this time, click on the button below to be in touch for further details.

Thanks for being with us. Take good care of yourselves.

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