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Possibilities Newsletter March 2021

Dear Friend,

I hope February went well for you. With Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and Shrove Tuesday in the space of a week, in a normal year I'd roll my eyes like my Teenager at all the 'tent pole' marketing messages arriving in my inbox, but at this time, marking occasions and celebrating whenever and whatever we can feels happy International Women's Month, hope you are regenerated by Spring Equinox and take cheer that International Waffle Day is March 25th...

'Coaching' has become a very broad church since I started 15 years ago and it can be hard to explain to clients and others what, how and why we do what we do. So I'm starting a new series on the Bamboo Blog exploring what distinguishes developmental and Integral Coaching from other types of coaching. I will also be linking to the work of colleagues around the world. The series is intended as a support to the Bamboo Coaching Community but will hopefully be of use to anyone supporting the development of others, whether as managers, leaders, parents or partners. This month on the Bamboo Blog we are exploring what we really mean by 'freedom'.

Again, if you are interested in being part of the Bamboo Coaching Community pilot programme, especially if you are newer to coaching and still finding your way- or just interested in how you might support yourself and others through learning about coaching please let us know by emailing

The Bamboo Book Club will be starting again in April when we will study the same topics as last year but with added books. So if you missed it last time - or want to go round again in more depth - do join us!

Take care

Sue x


Bamboo March Workshop: Membership and credentials with Coaching bodies

If you have completed coach training and are now wondering about whether and how to gain a credential with the International Coach Federation or other coaching body, come join us for an online workshop in which we explore the path to a credential and benefits of becoming a member of a coaching body.

We are offering a 90 minute workshop to the Bamboo Coach Community on Wednesday 31st March at 7 pm in which we will explore the path to a coach credential, joined by guest speakers from the Singapore Chapter of the IC

Click below for more info and bookings


Coaching for Development 2021

We just finished the last module of Coaching for Development (CFD) for Asia Cohort 2!

This rich, Integral Coach training programme leads to an ACC credential with the International Coach Federation and is intended for leaders and practitioners wishing to develop themselves and others.

In Asia this is uniquely offered as a small circle group of 12 per cohort in order to facilitate deep and rich discussions and a close community of practice.

We are currently putting together Asia Cohort 3 and if you are interested please click on the button below for the brochure and for application details please contact


Bamboo Book Club 2021

Each month we read one (or all!) of a short list of books on a given topic and then come together to discuss how they can support us and our coaching clients. For books on the list so far, please look at our list of Bamboo Book Picks

Topics are:

April: Wisdom of the Body

May: Emotional well-being

June: Sustaining Relationships

August: Understanding how we think

Sept: Responding to the world

Oct: Food for the soul

If you would like to join or know more about the format please contact

or click below to book


For enquiries about support for individuals, teams or organisations during this time, click on the button below to be in touch for further details. Thanks for being with us. Take good care of yourselves.

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