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Possibilities Newsletter September 2021

Dear Friend

I hope you are well. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and apologies for the long break between newsletters. I took a step back to redesign and now the newsletter is for more general interest topics, like the topic of Meaning and Purpose below, and the Bamboo Blog is a resource for our growing community of trainee and experienced coaches for whom I've also been designing a menu of possible activities. If you would like to be included in coach community events, please take a moment to complete this survey.

Meaning and Purpose

I've been in several conversations with clients and colleagues recently about purpose. It feels that for many our Year of Languishing is giving rise to a desire to reconnect with meaning in our lives. In those conversations, people often spoke about things 'resonating' which had me wonder - what is resonance, really?


In my search I found this great video about the concept of resonance in Physics. The presenter wanted to find a better description of resonance than 'the frequency at which an object likes to vibrate'. Think about circling a wine glass with a damp finger to make it vibrate. It starts to emit a particular note 'sing' at its resonant frequency.

After experimenting by tapping on a Rubens tube to find produce resonance from it, the presenter re-described resonance as:

'getting the timing and frequency just right so that the energy you put into the system adds to the energy that is already there'.

This seems like a good metaphor for our relationship with meaning in our lives. When something inherent within us is tapped at the right time and frequency by the outside world we feel a sense of amplified energy that wants to be expressed. Seeking to express that sense of meaning in our lives through our actions could be called living with purpose. In this way of thinking about it, purpose is not 'discovered' or 'created' but is a co-creation of some specific tendency within me and something in the external world that taps upon it such that I feel called to express something different in my life.

Connecting to ourselves and opening to the world

In my own life, food has always been meaningful. Growing up in England, I watched my Chinese Singaporean mum and aunts go to great lengths to acquire and prepare food celebrating Chinese New Year and Mid Autumn Festival and everything in between. We made pilgrimages to London's Chinatown and brought home Mooncakes, mangoes and, on one memorable occasion, durian! Buying, preparing and eating food together were rituals that brought the country my mother still called 'home' to us ...and brought us together.

Food has played an important role in my own life in different ways. Whether communal cooking at Uni (blue soup, anyone?), cultivating a veggie patch in a small London garden as an antidote to long hours in the office, or hosting traditional English Christmas dinners for my family in Singapore, it is easy for me to see food represented camaraderie, comfort and care to me.

How does that connect me to greater purpose in my work and life? I've certainly never had any desire to be a chef or restauranteur. But what I have noticed in my gradual awakening to the realities of climate and ecological catastrophe is feeling drawn to thinking more deeply about how we grow and eat food and about communities. I haven't felt drawn to working on carbon credits schemes, or projects to clean up the oceans. As worthy as those subjects are, they don't have personal meaning for me which I know would make it harder to sustain my interest in them.

For the last year I have been a community member of an organic farm in which we invest in a season of produce at a time and every week receive a share of what the farm grows. But this month I signed up for a course on how to grow a permaculture garden and to see how the ethics and design principles might be applied elsewhere in order to live more in harmony with Life.

I'll be sharing what I learn on the Bamboo Forum and I started by posting a video by David Holmgren, one of the founders of permaculture, on what permaculture is really about. Do take a look if you are interested.

Take care

Sue x


Bamboo Group Supervision for Coaches

For those new or experienced coaches who wish to continue to develop through reflective exploration of their practice, come join us for monthly coaching Supervision sessions from October. Sessions will be 90 mins in groups of no more than 6 participants: if you are interested to join please email for details as we will be creating groups and slots according to interest.

Coaching for Development 2021 and 2022

We are excited to have started a new Coaching for Development (CFD) training at the end of August.

This rich, Integral Coach training programme leads to an ACC credential with the International Coach Federation and is intended for leaders and practitioners wishing to develop themselves and others.

In Asia this is uniquely offered as a small circle group of 12 per cohort in order to facilitate deep and rich discussions and a close community of practice.

We are also beginning to put together Asia Cohort 4 for a start in January 2022.

If you are interested, please click the contact

Bamboo Book Club 2021

For the first round of this topic-based Bamboo Book Club, each month we read one (or all!) of a short list of books on a given topic and then came together to discuss how they can support us and our coaching clients.

Topics are:

Wisdom of the Body

Emotional well-being

Sustaining Relationships

Understanding how we think

Responding to the world

Food for the soul

We are planning to start another round on the same topics. If you would be interested to join or know more about the format please contact

For books on the list so far, please click on our list of Bamboo Book Picks below


For enquiries about support for individuals, teams or organisations during this time, click on the button below to be in touch for further details. Thanks for being with us. Take good care of yourselves.

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