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"Possibilities" Newsletter May 2023

Dear Friend

It's been a while. Thanks to those who asked whether they'd fallen off the mailing list, or missed the newsletter in their in-box and sorry for not being in touch sooner.

As a practice dedicated to renewal and fresh possibility, it feels fitting to write you on May Day, the original pole-dancing day when the arrival of spring and fertility is traditionally celebrated in parts of Europe. But focused as we are on workplaces, it also feels fitting to be connecting on Labour Day, or International Worker's Day, when we celebrate workers across the world. In China and Japan, the beginning of May is known as "Golden Week" due to the practice of workers having a week off at this time.

It seems to me that, other than New Year's Day, May 1st is the only common holiday across our multi-cultural, multi-religious world. At this fragile geopolitical time any commonality is surely cause for celebration? It's also a day recognising the dignity of human labour and the struggle for human rights, something to give pause at a time when both ecology and economy are existentially threatened by our enthrallment to 'progress' and 'growth'.

Indeed, 'Mayday' is also the international signal for distress, based on the french phrase "m'aidez" ("help me"). If you sometimes feel at a loss to know how to respond to crises on seemingly every level, know that you are not alone.

Some advise that at times like this you should keep your head down and focus on what you can control. But what if you instead look up and across at who and what you love? What does that inspire you to do?

Here's what our growing community of Integral Coaches in Asia and beyond have been up to:

  • we just finished our fourth annual round of Coaching for Development our flagship certified coach training programme for leaders and HR practitioners, this time back in person;

  • we just ended a round of Coaching Circle Training for Integral coaches learning to facilitate coaching circles in organisations. If you are in the non-profit or social sector, looking for a Circle Coach to help your teams coach and learn from each other, please let us know;

  • we launched a pilot of Integrated Team Coaching in which we're supporting a global leadership Team and its members in a truly integrated way;

  • we launched a pilot of Integrated Leadership Coaching in which we're supporting a tech founder across multiple specialist domains with a team of Integral Coaches and Mentors;

  • we offered a series of Yoga for Coaches workshops in which we collaborated with three amazing Yoga Teacher Trainers to teach coaches about how Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Movement and Restorative Yoga can support them and their clients;

  • we are sponsoring a year of Yin Yoga for Domestic Helpers in Singapore at Samata Soul. (Please forward to any Domestic Workers you know who might wish to sign up!)

  • we launched the Bamboo Studio for Coaches, an online membership space for our apprenticing and experienced coaches to connect, develop and play together. If you are a graduate of CFD, you can sign up free of charge for the next three months with the discount code CFDGRAD;

  • we pivoted the Bamboo Blog to focus on supporting the art and practice of coaching, within the specialist space of the Bamboo Studio for Coaches; and

  • we re-invigorated the Bamboo Being website to better reflect what we are up to and where we are headed.

If you have been partnering with us in these endeavours, a big THANK YOU! And if you would like to join or work with us, scroll down to see what is coming up next and be in touch, or pass on to anyone you think might benefit.

wishing you love and hope



Bamboo Book Club 2023

The next round of the Book Club will start in September 2023. We intend to offer a hybrid experience of online and in person and will be revisiting core topics with an expanded range of books and resources. Check out Bamboo Book Picks list to learn more and let us know if you are interested

Note: you don't have to join every session or read every book!


Coaching for Development 2023

Coaching for Development (CfD) is a three module programme in the study and application of Integral Coaching mapping to the ICF ACC credential. This course is intended for:

Leaders/managers/team leads wanting to support the development of people

Learning or HR specialists looking to expand capability in their organisations

Consultants/advisors/coaches/facilitators wanting to deepen or develop coaching skills to better understand and support their clients

Changemakers wanting to learn integral coaching skills to support shifts in individuals, groups and system


Constellations Retreat 2024

​We are excited to be planning an Asian retreat and several workshops in collaboration with our friends at The Whole Partnership to explore systemic constellations work in January 2024.

If you are an individual or leader wishing to explore this systemic approach to challenges or a coach or facilitator who wishes to learn how to use this approach to support others, please be in touch for dates and further details

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