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Welcome to Bamboo Being

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to the new Bamboo Being website, a space to connect with one another and with our shared commitment to supporting development. My hope is that this space will support us in learning and co-creating together. You may already know of some of our Offerings and I hope you will also find here Resources that support you and ways to be in Connection with us. I would really love for you to join the community as a Bamboo Member.

For Members

  1. Bamboo Forum: a place to find ideas and developmental resources for clients and ourselves and connect on topics of interest

  2. Member-only pages and your personal account so you can contact other members easily

  3. Discounts to Bamboo Events and invites to complimentary gatherings

  4. Member-only discussions on Bamboo Blog topics and Bamboo Book Club


If you know of those dedicated to supporting their growth and that of others through coaching or in other related ways and would benefit from being part of our community of Bamboo Members, please invite them to connect


If you don't wish to become a Member you may also subscribe to our emailing list and receive our newsletters. At any time you can visit our Resources page for the Bamboo Blog, Bamboo Book Club and to hear Bamboo Conversations. The People page shares information about our team and growing list of collaborators. Under Events you will find information on past and upcoming events where you can either book directly or contact us for more information.


Gratitude to everyone who has worked to make this space happen! I look forward to connecting with you there soon, with love Sue

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