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Chris Galea
Chris Galea

The NeuroDynamic Breathwork have just reminded me about their Embodiment Festival which runs Jan 14-18.

Their blurb follows:

We live in a world where many people often feel disconnected from themselves, and this is causing numerous issues globally.

Here at the NeuroDynamic Institute, we are dedicated to providing you with as many resources as possible to help you reconnect with your higher self, your body, and your mind. While we consider breathwork to be one of the most effective tools for healing, we also enjoy exploring the various tools and solutions offered by our partners.

That's why we believe you might find the upcoming free Embodiment Festival 2024 to be insightful and a valuable contribution to your journey with us.

At The Festival, you’ll:

• Have the chance to get some free embodiment coaching

• Learn resilience tools from world-class embodiment teachers

• Discover embodiment coaching tools for yourself or your clients

That’s a great way to kickstart the year. Fun, uplifting community connection with some familiar faces, along with new teachers, too. Plus, you’ll come away with a range of perspectives and practical tools you can actually use, personally or professionally.

More info and free ticket:


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