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The Deep Time Walk movement is about to arrive in Singapore. Are you interested to help bring about transformative change through a powerful head-heart-body framework and contribute to the ecological great turning?

You are warmly invited to apply for the Deep Time Walk training programme running from mid-February to mid-March 2024 in preparation for a fee-paying opportunity to facilitate a walk on March 16th for YPO Singapore.

Fees for the training course are by donation.

For the YPO walk, each facilitator chosen to facilitate the walk (of which there will be 4-5) will be offered a fee of €900, in consideration that this would be the first walk that they gain experience with for executives and that the training will be given on a donation basis.

There will also be an opportunity to facilitate walks pro bono for the SG Climate Rally (Sunday 17th March), a public facing event where participants are being offered the walks for free as part of movement building in Singapore is association with the SG Climate Rally organisation.

If you are interested please click here to apply.


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