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Dear Fellow Community members,

We are very excited to share this post on the alignment between the L&D and Library coaches groups.

As Stewards of these groups, we have been exploring ways to optimize the synergies and we would like to share our thoughts with you.

Our proposed approach is to use a consistent set of tags or labels for materials posted in the Library and courses posted in the L&D group. That way, if you are searching for a course to engage in you will also be able to see relevant library materials as well, and vice versa.

Based on the survey of Library community members that we recent conducted, the Library will initially consist of the following Topics:

  • Narrative Coaching

  • Integral Coaching

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Aletheia

  • Somatic Coaching

  • Career and Contribution

  • Fiction, Art, Poetry

  • Culture and Society

  • EQ and Relationships

  • Cognition and Neuroscience

So, for example, if a community member would like to post about a book on Narrative coaching, they would post the material in the Library and choose the topic, “Narrative”.

Denise has kindly created the following link that shows how to post and tag a topic link.

The intention is that the topics will be flexible and evolve over time so please do feel free to provide ongoing feedback – no need to wait for another survey!

We look forward to engaging with you as we all continue our respective development journeys and we hope that you will find the materials in the L&D and Library groups valuable to you and your coaching clients.

Kind regards

Chris, Suzie, Clara, Russell

Denise Navarro
Chris Galea
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