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for Christelle

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Christelle, integral coach, healer and friend 

Christelle has helped many people heal their inner wounds and find their paths in life. As those who have worked with her know, she generates a powerful space for her clients to discover and reconnect to their Truest Selves. Her highest commitment has been to offer heart-centred service.

Today, we are holding space for Christelle as in May 2023, she was given the diagnosis of  a fast spreading stage 4 breast cancer and a  prognosis of a few months.


 With a mix of conventional chemotherapy and her own subtle energy work, Christelle has been on a path of open heartedness, surrender and  deep transformation.


As she has been unable to work and with high costs of care here in Singapore, far from her family, her communities have been rallying around with practical support.  

If you would like to contribute so that Christelle can focus on her recovery,  please send a donation by using PayNow (if in Singapore) or via WISE transers (if overseas). For even the price of a coffee sent with love, we can all make a difference to Christelle's journey so please do spread the word to those who may wish to contribute. 

Thank you for being with us and helping Christelle on her healing journey.

Support Christelle through                      to: +65 8165 7113, or

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