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The Power of Human Contact

An Introduction to Aletheia Coaching.

  • Starts Jan 19, 2024
  • 1,600 Singapore dollars
  • Andrew Road

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For Bamboo Studio Members, a discount code is available for you in the noticeboard! In the age of emerging AI coaches, the unique power of human contact must not be forgotten. Indeed, one of the most potent aspects of your coaching is the depth of contact you offer to your clients. When the client's need for contact is fulfilled, they feel seen, understood, loved, and valued exactly as they are in a way that creates the conditions for spontaneous unfoldment and deeper development. This simple outcome is the key to thawing patterns of frozenness, bringing energy to areas of stagnation, and accessing untapped resourcefulness, creativity, and wisdom. In January 2024, Steve March, creator of Aletheia Coaching, will offer a 3-day experiential workshop in Singapore on deepening contact through developing empathic listening and language skills. Who is this workshop for? This workshop is both for coaches who are new to Aletheia and who are interested in learning about how to adopt an unfolding style of coaching. It is also for experienced Aletheia Coaches who want to expand their skillfulness. Steve will be presenting newly emerging aspects of Aletheia Coaching that have not previously been taught. These new aspects will be integrated into the core curriculum later in 2024. What will you learn? Through experiential exercises, 1. You will learn how to attune coaching conversations in a way that naturally leads toward mutually fulfilling human contact. 2. You will learn how to enact the shift from coaching in the self-improvement paradigm to coaching in the unfoldment paradigm. 3. You will learn how to empathically listen and track the experience of clients in both static and dynamic ways and how to know which way is called for. 4. You will learn how to more skillfully work with clients who tend to withdraw from human contact through empathic language. 5. You will learn how to more skillfully work with clients who tend to lose themselves as they seek human contact through merging with others. You will learn how to work with them using language that amplifies the boundaries needed for contact. 6. You will learn how to more skillfully work with clients who feel stuck, which is usually results from lack of contact, using action-oriented performative language. These core coaching practices can easily be integrated into any style of coaching as a powerful way to work in real-time with what is surfacing in coaching conversations.

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