"What would allow you to live as an artist of your own life? Bringing your creative, resourceful and whole self to all aspects of your life, to others and to the world? What might be possible if we were all doing more of that... ?"

Sue Adams


I believe that with the right support, the most stressful transitions in life are our best opportunities for growth.


When our world is in flux, we are challenged to get clearer about what we care about and more courageous in support of it. We get to lift our game. 

I called the company "Bamboo Being" as a metaphor for supporting individuals and teams to 'be like bamboo' bend not break in adversity and to develop the  qualities bamboo represents: flexibility, strength, grace, connection and sustainable growth. 

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Pauline Lim 

I'm Pauline, Sue's Assistant and I take care of scheduling, invoicing and generally keeping things in order around here. 


I've been working with Sue since 2013 when my husband Paul and I moved back to Singapore from Zurich where we still spend part of the year with our two grown up children who live and work there.


My passions are travelling and drawing. In Europe I love fruit-picking and long walks and in Singapore I am a regular at zumba and yoga classes to keep fit and work off the pot luck gatherings that my friends and I often organise together!

You can reach me for scheduling or other admin queries at



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