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If you need some time and space to work through the challenges and opportunities of your current situation connect with us to explore how  coaching might support you



​If you are interested in learning experiences that offer insight and practices that support change in the way people engage with each other, work and life, connect with us to create something with and for your community of learners


Coach Community

If you are interested in becoming a Coach or development in the art and craft of coaching, consider joining as a member of the Bamboo Community.  



I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou


Coach Community

How can we support you?

Maybe you are looking for a coach training course. Or to continue developing your skills as a coach. You may be looking for supervision to support you in the 'emotional labour' of supporting others. Or need practical support in the nuts and bolts of building your coaching practice 

What can you expect in joining our community?


We aim to create a community in which coaches can gather for support, encouragement, learning - and fun! We offer coach training and support in the art and craft of coaching whether you are a student or newbie coach, an HR practitioner or leader looking to deepen coaching skills or an experienced coach looking for fresh conversations and companions. We believe that real development at every level requires the support of a caring community.

I love being part of this heart-felt community - it attracts vibrant, wise and compassionate individuals who are all enquiring into life and the world in their own, meaningful way.  It’s a great virtual space for connecting in and sharing ideas, enquiries, practices and resources.  It feels like ‘coming home’ - there is room for everyone to just be and express - no need for anything else.



Coach, facilitator, coaching supervisor

If you are interested in learning more about our coach training and development programmes, please contact us 

When the winds of change blow some people build walls, others build windmills

Chinese proverb


Learning Experiences

How can we support you?


We offer:

  • powerful maps and perspectives of the territory you are exploring 

  • time and space to explore your own connection to the topics

  • increased confidence, skill and competency

What can you expect from our approach to learning experiences?


Our learning experiences attend to:


  • individual learning and for each group to be on a different journey together

  • safety and engagement,  allowing for deeper learning and more sustained outcomes

  • scaffolding how you put your insights into action after the experience

Sue's facilitation of our leadership development program allowed participants to encounter the content at the level they were ready for.

For some it was their first time hearing these concepts, others were able to dive deeper into their personal responses and sense of leadership. All came away feeling it was valuable time well spent.


Senior Leader

We don't see things as they are 
We see them as we are

Anais Nin



Individual Coaching

How can we support you?

Typically you come to coaching with issues to resolve: maybe a career or organisational change or planning a personal or professional project. You could be 'stuck' around choices you need to make and want to explore all the possible next steps. Or maybe you are feeling more 'adrift' and looking for more direction.

What can you expect from our approach to coaching?

We first aim to understand what your world looks like - from your perspective. We explore your issue and themes in your current way of  thinking, feeling and acting. We're not just trying to resolve the issue in hand but shine more light on how you typically tackle issues. We typically frame a Purpose and Outcomes statement and overview of how we will work together. 

Together we unpack your routines and their effects and identify new steps and experiments you can make to effect change. In subsequent sessions we review what you are learning not just about the situation you are in, but about how you are engaging with it. We tackle new challenges and opportunities as they emerge always looking to see what more they tell us about you and your current approach.

Our intention is for you to leave coaching with greater clarity,  courage and capability not only in how you engage the issue  you came in with, but in how you engage with life.


Sue's 1-1 coaching was truly transformational; through listening, observing and bringing unique insights she helped me understand my blind spots and empowered me to make big shifts in my career and life.


Senior Manager

Team Coaching

How can we support you?


We first meet with team leaders or sponsor to determine where the team is on its journey. Perhaps the team members are not well known to each other and there is a need to build trust - or possibly there has been a breakdown of trust or communication. Maybe they have run into conflicts or haven’t agreed how they need to work together effectively and need help shaping the team culture. Sometimes the team is not aligned on a common purpose and is less a team than a group. We explore where the team wants or needs to shift and why.

What can you expect from our approach to team coaching?


We will design a programme that addresses the particular needs of the team at this time. Typical sessions might be aimed at:

- integrating team members or stakeholders

- creating alignment in how the members work together

- addressing knowledge or skills gaps

- addressing specific challenges in the way the team is operating in its broader context

- finding or re-articulating common purpose and values

-redefining team mission, strategy and outcomes

The approach to all sessions is customised for that particular team, building step by step on what we discover at each stage and aimed at longer term development of the team as a whole

One of the greatest insights I received from Sue’s Leadership Coaching is the criticality of energy management in developing presence.

Sue acted like a navigation beacon in a period of transition between roles whilst at my last company.  She equipped me with the life-long gift of tapping into mindfulness to decode and deconstruct rationally my own self-perceived and imposed barriers for growth.


Senior Manager

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

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