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Chris Galea
Chris Galea

Coaches Rising - free Masterclass

As they gear up for the start of The Neuroscience of Change program, the team at Coaches Rising just shared that the lead teacher for this program — Amanda Blake — will be hosting a free Masterclass shortly.

Amanda is a world-leading expert in neuroscience and somatic coaching. She has this incredible talent of distilling complex neuroscience and making it super practical and relatable for us as coaches. She brings cutting-edge science into the coaching room so you can immediately use it to serve your clients.

As neuroscience continues to open up the black box of transformation, we’re learning why some behaviors are so hard to shift.

As it turns out, certain memories get stored in our very tissues, locking in unwanted habits in a way that makes them impervious to most coaching techniques.

In this Free Masterclass, Amanda will show you how this process works, and give you the tools to help your clients get unstuck and through this experiential session you will:

- Understand the neurobiology of stuckness — why people get stuck, even when they want to change

- Discover the power of embodied memory, and how you can use neurobiology to help your clients erase old emotional habits (even when other coaching techniques haven’t worked)

- Learn how memory reconsolidation can create new pathways in the brain, helping your clients create the changes they care about most


The live session is on February 1st at 10am US PT/ 7pm CET. It’s totally free (and they’ll send you the recording afterwards too.)

Link to register:


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