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Chris Galea
Chris Galea

Free embodiment Masterclass - Coaches Rising

Of all the tools we have as coaches, one of the most powerful is the human body itself.

Unencumbered by the grasping of the mind, the body has access to a deeper wisdom — one that can turn contracted states into gateways for transformation, and can open pathways to deep change that truly lasts.

And yet, so many of the people you’ll encounter have been trained away from this wisdom. Our world prioritizes rational thought over all else, and often guides us to actually dismiss our felt-sense.

International leader and somatic coach Staci Haines is giving a Free Masterclass — Coaching at Depth: How the Wisdom of the Body Leads to Lasting Change, where she’ll teach you how to work with the intelligence that lives in our very cells, so you can create transformation that lasts.

Staci is one of the lead teachers in our upcoming training — The Power of Embodied Transformation — and when you see her live, you’ll know why!

She has this brilliant way of teaching that guides you to your own inner truth, giving you access to a whole new depth in your coaching conversations.

Through this experiential session with Staci, you will:

- Learn the core elements of embodied transformation (including tools you can use in your very next coaching session)

- Explore somatic practices that will help you uncover the deeper patterns that are at the root of your client’s struggles

- Watch Staci coach someone live using these tools, so you can see how this powerful practice can transform a real issue in real time

The live session is on Wednesday, May 8th from 10-11:30am US Pacific / 7-8:30pm Central European. It’s totally free (and we’ll send you the recording afterwards too.)

Check out all the details and book your spot here:


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