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A new course about to drop from our friends at Coaches Rising. Details are currently limited but just wanted to put this on your radar with an extract from Joel's email:


"This is a training I feel really passionate about, because it gets right to the core of our deepest mission to help evolve human consciousness, while also being super practical.

It’s called Re-imagine Leadership and it’s an in-depth training that takes you into a whole new world of leadership coaching.

To give you a peek into the course, I spoke with Peter Hawkins — one of the lead teachers — and he shared his deep belief about what life is currently inviting coaches into.

Peter says the complex challenges of our times, from global inequality, to climate change to the rise in distress and depression, are calling us to evolve as a species.

So he poses the question that has driven his work for the last 10 years…

“How does coaching play its contribution in shifting human consciousness?”

Peter shares many of his answers to this question in this brand new podcast. You can listen below:

In the conversation, we discuss:

  • Why the current left-brain dominant worldview is no longer sufficient for today’s complexity, and how we need to shift our thinking and way of being when we coach

  • The importance of connecting with your heart-brain and gut-brain, and how to work with clients at depth in this way

  • What becomes possible when we coach leaders in this way

Peter also guides you through a simple and profound exercise to come into presence at any given moment. I paused quite a few times during the conversation, feeling the shifts and openings that were occurring as we spoke. I encourage you to listen (and feel!) this powerful episode."


When we know more about this course. we'll update you....



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