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Chris Galea
Chris Galea

Coaches Rising 2024 Course Calendar and more

Here’s what’s coming up this year from Joel and team:

They are starting the year off with the 5th edition of their most popular training — The Neuroscience of Change. This program is a deep dive into what cutting-edge science is revealing about coaching.

Neuroscience continues to open up the black box of transformation — showing us what happens in the brain and body when different coaching techniques are used.

Every year the teachers share the newest research, and this year there will be new findings on the neurobiology of presence, wisdom, compassion, and well-being.

The program starts at the end of February. Link for course details and early bird discount (open now):

Thier longest running program — The Power of Embodied Transformation — will begin in May. This course is a deep dive into somatic coaching, giving you tools to connect your clients to the profound wisdom that lives within their cells — including the intelligence of change itself.

Re-imagine Leadership will kick off in the fall. This training takes you into the new paradigm of leadership coaching — one based in connectivity, relational intelligence, and systemic thinking.

We’re also creating some brand new 6-week programs that we’re really excited about. These live trainings will be led by thought leaders in the field, and are designed to take you deep into a single, cutting-edge topic, while fitting easily into your schedule.

And, last but certainly not least, we’ll be running free workshops each month, with topics that include Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems, Living Your Calling, and more.

I'll let you know as each of these opportunities get closer.

And as always, if there is significant interest in the community for any one sepcifc course, I am happy to talk to Joel and see if we can secure an additional discount on top of the Early Bird numbers.

Happy Learning.

Happy Developing.

Happy New Year!! 😘


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