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Chris Galea
Chris Galea

Mindsight Institute - Interpersonal Neurobiology course

A new cohort has just been opened up as an online 12 week course. A great course given by the legend in this field, Dr Dan Siegel, well worth considering if you are curious about the 'why' behind the 'what' when it comes to the brain and interpersonal behaviour.

the essence of IPNB's teachings holds profound insights for anyone interested in the interplay among our minds, our brains, and our relationships. In August of 2024, I will be offering a cohort of my Comprehensive Course on IPNB that I believe could be of great interest to you as a lifelong learner, irrespective of your profession.

Here's why this course is not just for therapists, but for anyone curious about the depth of human experience:

1. Universal Insights: IPNB provides a framework that helps us understand ourselves and those around us. This course will offer you a universal set of insights applicable to everyday life, enhancing your work and personal relationships.

2. Science Made Accessible: I aim to demystify the complex science of the brain and make it accessible. This means breaking down the barriers of technical jargon and presenting information in a way that is relatable and applicable to all walks of life.

3. Emotional & Mental Wellness: Whether you're a parent, educator, leader, or someone keen on personal development, understanding the principles of IPNB can empower you to foster emotional and mental well-being in your community and within yourself.

4. Community & Connection: Join a diverse group of individuals who share your curiosity and eagerness to learn about the human condition. This course is a chance to connect with a global community and expand your network with meaningful discussions.

5. Enhanced Communication: Learning about the brain and its role in shaping our social interactions can transform the way you communicate and connect with others, offering new perspectives on empathy and understanding.

6. Mindful Living: IPNB intertwines with the practice of mindfulness, providing tools to live more attentively and consciously. This has universal benefits, from stress reduction to improved focus and clarity in your daily life.

7. My Commitment to You: I will guide you through the world of IPNB with clarity and enthusiasm. This course is designed to be engaging, thought-provoking, and personally transformative, regardless of your background.

8. Diverse Professional Applications: Coaches, educators, executives, lawyers, professionals from various fields, and many others have enriched their work and personal lives through this course, finding value in IPNB’s broad applicability.

Embarking on this journey into IPNB is an invitation to expand your understanding of the human mind and to apply this knowledge in ways that can make a real difference in your life and the lives of those around you.



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