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Chris Galea
Chris Galea

I read a lot of books each year.

But it’s rare for me to recommend any.

Very rare.

In the last 10 years, maybe 5 at most have made the grade.

But this one smashes its way onto the list.

Let’s be clear, the authors did not set out to deliver groundbreaking research or an earth-shattering new insight or a breakthrough neuroscience discovery. Instead, they sought to pull together some of the most powerful and relevant concepts from a Hall of Fame listing of the world’s most exceptional talents in coaching, neurobiology, psychology, mindfulness and more.

And provide a simple but cohesive framework that is both practical and highly impactful in terms of mindful leadership development. One that is easy to grasp, builds beautifully layer by layer, is skillfully crafted, is integrated, and is fundamentally powerful.

And they do it a way that brings to life those constituent concepts and their application with such ease, elegance and clarity, that it becomes a book which is a terrific ‘user guide’ for your Leadership coaching practice but is also something clients could easily read and digest too.

A little late for Santa’s stocking, I know, but, well, your birthday is coming…

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