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"What would allow you to live as an artist of your own life? Bringing your creative, resourceful and whole self to all aspects of your life, to others and to the world? What might be possible if we were all doing more of that... ??"

Sue Adams


Without support, life and career transitions can push us into our stress zone of unskilful reactions. But with the right support, those same challenges offer us the best opportunities for personal and professional growth - we stretch rather than break.


When our world is changing around us, we are challenged to be clearer in our focus, dig deeper into what we really care about and lift our game. We have the chance to 'see what we are made of'. 

I support individuals and teams to 'be like bamboo'. In the midst of complexity, we work together to bring forward the qualities bamboo represents: flexibility, strength, grace, connection and sustainable growth. 


More about Sue

Pauline Lim 

I'm Pauline, Sue's Assistant and I take care of scheduling, invoicing and generally keeping things in order around here. 


You can reach me for scheduling or other admin queries at



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