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Toby Ouvry


Professional and leadership experience

Toby has been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness for over twenty five years. He delivers mindfulness programs to both the public and corporate sectors. He currently facilitates the mindfulness program for the MBA, staff and faculty at the INSEAD School of Business, Singapore campus. Past clients include both government organizations in Singapore as well as numerous SME’s and MNC’s. He is a committed mindfulness blogger, and the author and creator of over twenty practical workshops and courses on the subject.

Education and Professional Training

Toby’s original training was as an artist and creative. He graduated from the Fine Art Department of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. After University he spent ten years doing his basic training in meditation and mindfulness, specializing in the Tibetan Tradition which included five years as an ordained Buddhist monk.

His teaching, facilitating, and coaching derives from his extensive research and practice from three main sources:

  • The world’s great wisdom traditions

  • Cutting edge practices that are currently emerging from contemporary psychology and neuropsychology

  • His own ongoing practical and creative experience as a mindfulness practitioner, business owner and entrepreneur

He is a certified as an Ontological coach and is a student of Integral philosophy and approaches.

Fields of Interest

In his work with individual clients and teams, Toby is deeply motivated to answer the following questions for them

  • How can I thrive in high stress environments without burning out?

  • How can I build my inner strengths in a way that leads to sustainable, creative high-performance? (By ‘creative’ high performance we mean going beyond but also including simple, linear productivity)

  • How can I use mindfulness & meditation to develop my self-leadership and capacity to lead others effectively & inspiringly?

  • How can I use mindfulness to improve my relationships with both family and colleagues?

  • How can I manage my wellbeing in such a way that, as I get older, and my career progresses I still find myself enthusiastic, with high energy, and ready for the next challenge?

All these questions are also reflections of his own personal journey, as an actively practicing meditation practitioner, business owner, family member, and sports enthusiast.

Personal Details

Toby is a ‘third culture kid’ who was brought up in the Philippines, Portugal, and Brazil, and for the last twenty three years has been living in Singapore, where he lives with his family.

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