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Chris Galea


Chris is an experienced coach with a focus on Executive, Leadership and Personal Development. Passionate about supporting clients looking for deep, long-term growth and fulfilment, Chris guides them towards a more sustainable, fulfilling and more human presence.

Professional and leadership experience

With over 35 years of senior management and leadership experience across 75+ countries  in complex, dynamic environments and a range of industry sectors, Chris delivers a breadth and depth of direct experience in terms of the varied challenges faced by leaders in diverse and adaptive operating contexts.

For the last 25 years, Chris has been living and working in Asia, directly responsible for leading global/regional teams, shaping their culture and nurturing  the growth of individuals, and building powerful high-trust teams that have consistently been characterised by low attrition, unflinching commitment, deep EQ,  high performance, and fun.

After over 10 years of involvement with coaching, he founded The Lighthouse in 2016 and moved from his corporate life into full-time coaching shortly afterwards.

Board Experience

Chris has served as a Board director for several MNC’s in the UK, Europe and Asia during his corporate career and continues to serve on both boards and advisory boards in the non-profit and educational sectors.

Education and Professional Training

Chris has an Honours degree in both Psychology and Sociology. He is also currently pursuing further education qualifications in the Neurobiology and Cognitive Psychology fields to deepen his knowledge and understanding around ‘why’ and the ‘how’ coaching can be made more impactful and effective.

Accredited with the International Coach Federation at PCC level, Chris  is certified and trained in a range of different coaching approaches and models.  He is also a certified breathwork coach and iEQ9 Enneagram practitioner and is an active supporter in the development of other coaches as they train.

Additionally, Chris carries a broad range of certifications in coaching, mentoring, and leadership in a range of sports and educational sectors that provide diverse perspectives and experience which he leverages strongly in his coaching work.

Seven years ago, Chris founded The Lighthouse to weave these passions together and provide deep, enduring support to clients in developing the capacity and capability to achieve their full potential across their personal and professional lives.

Fields of Interest

Chris believes in the power of ‘human leadership’ and is passionate about coaching people that are looking to increase the integration in their lives, build their presence as emotionally intelligent humans, and establish a more complete, developed way of being - be that in their personal lives or their professional space as executives, leaders, rising leaders or teams.

He has worked with individuals and leaders across many sectors including global corporates in banking & finance, oil & gas, tech, media, creative industries, construction, supply chain, and sustainability, amongst others.

A voracious reader in a breadth and depth of coaching territories, and committed to continuing his formal education and development with a range of courses ensures best practices from around the world and across the profession are brought to the table to support his clients development.

Personal Details

Born in Liverpool in the UK - a city notorious for many things as well as football -  It’s been a bumpy life. Lots of learnings and experiences, lots of ups and downs, lots of successes and failures. All of which has given rise to lots of grey hairs, metaphoric and real. Lots of real-life experience. And lots of ‘smile wrinkles’ too :)

Chris has lived in Asia for the last 25 years, is a Singapore PR and is the ridiculously proud father of 2 amazing boys.


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